Lottie Tomlinson x NAILSINC Matchbox - Product Review

"Ultimate colour staying power"

She's the most well known, up and coming make up artist in the industry and now she's done a collaboration with NAILSINC London.

These Matchboxes come in four different shades and allow you to match your lips and tips to perfection.

SICK/SALT has a gold highlight infusion into a pretty light pink and, honestly, I'm in love.

The matte liquid lipstick (Sick) is non-drying and stays in place for hours and the nail colour (Salt) has a gel effect, leaving your nails perfectly coloured and shiny after just two coats.

If you haven't bought yourself one of these little duos then I highly recommend doing so; who doesn't love matching nails and lips?!

To buy one, click here!